Our profession will thrive or die based on the ideas and innovations people have, and the ability for those ideas to replicate throughout the population of testers.

It sometimes feels that our main communication channels in testing are dominated by the same voices all spreading the same message. Diversity in every form is important, so we need many different voices behind the lectern.

Before I started speaking, I used to think there must be some kind of secret qualification, some kind of secret club you need to become a member of, or some kind of secret handshake you needed to know to become a presenter at a conference.  I didn’t realise that presenters at conferences are no more qualified than anyone else for their voice to be heard.

I have had the privilege of standing on a stage several times, and having my voice heard. I want as many people as possible to have that privilege too, and I want do as much as I can to let others feel the exhilaration of successfully delivering a presentation to their peers.