I remember the first time I stood up to speak in front of people. I was a complete bag of nerves. Even although it was only in front of colleagues and it was on a topic that I knew inside out, I still felt very like I could be sick and my legs felt like jelly.

After that presentation though, I got lots of great feedback and I really felt empowered. It was such a buzz and I gained so much confidence from doing it. I immediately felt the urge to speak more about my experiences. And now, after many years of talking at conferences and meetups all over the world, I can honestly say that I really enjoy presenting (it’s really fun!) and I’m so happy that I took that first step and got through the fear. It has done wonders for me – at a personal level and for my career.

You see, the big thing is – everyone has stories to tell. We all have different experiences and perspectives. And it’s important to share them! We all learn from each other’s stories and experiences and being able to tell you’re story so that people can learn from it is very rewarding.

But I know how daunting public speaking can be, especially in the beginning. I’ve been there. And that’s where Speak Easy can really help you!

I’ve been helping people; put together presentations, build biographies and submissions, prepare and practice their presentations, and even just cheer them on and support them. I’m very honoured and proud to have the chance to offer you help and mentorship through the Speak Easy program, to help you overcome those initial fears and get you into this exciting world of public speaking!