Several years ago, a colleague of mine received a call for speakers from Better Software.  She forwarded it to me and said “you should do this and you should talk about offshore testing”.  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time and my first talk, “Managing Across the Miles” was born.  Sitting the audience of the presenter ahead of me in the testing track, I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into.  Fortunately, as I started to get set up, I had the good fortune to meet my mentor, Peter Varhol.    My presentation went very well and with my mentor’s help, I was on my way.

Subsequently,  I’ve been a presenter at domestic and international conferences including Belgium Testing Days, Nordic Testing Days, STP Con, StarCanada, QA&Test, Testkit and CAST.  I’ve presented not only track session but workshops and tutorials.  I just received what I feel is the highest of speaking honors recently; I was invited to present at Better Software in June; I hadn’t submitted!

I’m a test architect and QA lead, currently involved in building a Test Center of Excellence.  I also write and blog on testing and quality assurance topics.  I’m really looking forward to mentoring conference presenters.  I’ve always enjoyed mentoring test leads and I’m happy to have the opportunity to pay forward what my mentor did for me.