As a child, I was always making noise around the house, mimicking stand-up comedians and sketches from my heroes on Second City Television. In grade school I found my way into choir, band and theater where I finally found my first audiences. The joy of performing, speaking, singing and acting came naturally to me at that age. I knew I had found my calling on the stage. In my college years, I studied communication theories for inter-personal, non-verbal, small-groups and especially public speaking. Excelling all-the-while with oral interpretations of famous literature and learning the mechanics of how we interact with each other.

Just five years later in my fledgling career as a professional software tester, I just assumed that all my natural abilities for performance and public speaking would make presenting on the topic of testing a breeze. Boy was I wrong. For the first time I experienced stage fright, and abbreviated breathing, a panic attack that made my hands shake and break out in a cold sweat. In those first years, it was a completely alien experience. There is a visceral difference between entertaining (humor, singing, dancing or acting) and presenting on a serious subject. There’s a difference between performing and educating.

Through Speak Easy, I hope to help individuals overcome these obstacles and find their own style for presenting on professional subjects. You can find a way to balance your skills at entertaining and performing, while still educating the audience; keeping them awake, interested, engaged and enthused with your presenting.