I presented and spoke for my first test conference back in 2007 in Bangalore and I’ve never looked back since then. However, if I see in my past I was very shy, introvert in nature, and would not speak much. Nevertheless, on the other hand, as a tester, I was always passionate about the skill and I loved doing it “breaking the code”.

I will share my thought process with my very close friends and they suggested speaking in public (seminars, conferences) about the same.  I started doing some research and made up my mind to do it. I did not have any mentor back then and always felt that gap.

From then I have always tried to take out time and groom and encourage the testers who are good at their skills and provided them much needed assistance whenever required in terms of speaking their mind. And now through Speak Easy, I will be able to reach out to more great like-minded people. Thanks to both Anne-Marie Charrett and Fiona Charles in providing such a platform where upcoming speakers can be mentored from the industry experts. They can share their views, their thoughts and have fun too at the same time while getting ready to speak at the most prestigious conferences.