Why have I taken the role of the patron?

In 2012, I was a pathetic speaker. I had so many good things to share with the world, but when I got on stage to do that, I would lose words. I would lose my thoughts and eventually the content and flair for speaking.

The next two years, I chose to work on my speaking skills. I reached out to many in the community to review my proposals, I stood in front of the mirror for hours practising what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. Even today, I make notes of what I want to say for every slide I do. These time tested tips came from working hard, putting it to practice and failing many times. I learned the hard way.

I choose to be a Speak Easy Patron because initiatives like Speak Easy are going to make it easier for upcoming presenters to work with experienced speakers/mentors who can help them by setting a direction and showing a path.