An excerpt from Eric Proegler’s blog post on why he became a mentor.

I recently volunteered to be a mentor for the Speak Easy program that Fiona Charlesand Anne-Marie Charrett have started. Being accepted as a mentor is one of the proudest moments of my career. I’d like to talk about why this program matters, why I volunteered, and why this honor means so much to me.

My experience as a conference organizer bears this out. Women are not the only underrepresented group as speakers at most technical conferences; it’s essentially every demographic besides straight white dudes that has a less-than-proportional ratio of conference attendee to conference speaker at most conferences I’ve attended. Try that experiment – assess proportions of the audience relative to the proportions of the speakers – at the next conference you attend (or when looking at a board, executive team, government body, etc). You know, in case constantly being told this is an issue wasn’t enough, and you needed some independent verification.

You can read the full post here on Eric’s Blog