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Author / Anne-Marie

Attend the YOW! technical presentation workshop in Sydney for free!

We’re pleased to offer the chance for you to attend the YOW! Technical Presentation workshop to be held in Sydney on 1st May – for free! We have just one spot available at this women-only workshop – to be in with a chance to take this spot, simply email us at contact@speaking-easy.com and let us know why you […]

CAST 2015

We are excited to announce we are working with CAST 2015 to help develop diversity in their speaker program. If you are an inexperienced speaker and you wish to be mentored and secure a spot at CAST 2015 submit your details and we will connect you with an experienced mentor who will help you create an […]

CAST 2015 – Truly Moving Testing Forward

In a quiet pub in Dublin while Fiona Charles and I attended Eurostar 2014, the topic of diversity (in particular gender) came up. It had been a ‘hot topic’ through the year, with many tweets and blogs posts on the topic but sadly there seemed little direct action on the topic.  Both Fiona and I felt that while […]

Online Web Summit

We will be holding an online web summit to help speakers gain experience in testing. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on this initiative. Currently our program is focused on assisting software testers. However if you like the initiative and wish to expand it to your area of expertise, why not email us at annemarie.charrett@speaking-easy.com and we can chat […]