I am excited to join the ranks of Speak Easy mentors after having an amazing experience myself as a student.

Who am I?
I have worked as a consultant tester for the last 4 years which has provided client experiences internationally (UK, India, Kenya) and across domains (banking, airlines, medical) as well as training programs both internally and externally.

Over the last couple of years I have figured out what works for me in preparing for conference talks and look forward to helping you find your personal style as well. As a speaker people seem to think I have it all together, but only recently have I even started to really be present while speaking. I am often so nervous I sort of “black out” while speaking and let my preparation take over.

I am most excited about identifying new ideas for each conference I speak at and recently have uncovered how much I love doing workshops!

Why I am excited to meet you!
That idea of new topics and ideas! Some of the most amazing talks I have seen have been those put on by “unknown” speakers since I have not come across their ideas previously. My previous mentors have helped me identify and then see the value in my experiences and I hope to help you find your own voice too.