I’ve been speaking in public for many years, and it’s something I love doing. Sharing experiences with other people is a rewarding and exciting thing to do – and I strongly believe that everyone has a story to share or a message to give.

You might think that your experience is irrelevant to other people, but nothing could be further from the truth. We can all learn from each other! It’s an amazing feeling when someone comes up to you after your talk and says that it helped them, and most of the time people will approach you after the talk to give you their experience too. So, even (or especially) as a presenter, you’re learning new things that you can take home and try out.

I’ve been helping colleagues work on their submissions and presentations for a few years and had given an internal workshop on writing abstracts and presentations. I hadn’t realized that other people might be interested in my input until someone spoke to me after my talk at Eurostar 2014 and asked for help with his submission for 2015. I was flattered – and ecstatic for him when he got accepted.

As soon as I heard about Speak Easy, I decided to sign up. If some of my experience can help other people to share theirs by helping to get their thoughts on paper, to structure or balance a presentation, and to work on nerves, then I’m happy to help wherever I can.