The world wants to hear your story

Every time at the conference evening hour, conversations emerge. People engaged in those conversations share their experiences most of the time. Such experiences are their own, and talking about them in front of others is not intimidating when everyone has a say. Sharing experiences with your peers is valuable, because every story is unique. The person serious about their craft will find inspirations in every story. Ad-hoc peer consulting and idea sharing are happening at the evening hours.

Power dynamics change when you are in front of a crowd. You have a slot on a program, the time of day may not be in your favor, and the eyes are on you. You fear that you may not have another chance to make an impact. You perceive the audience as judgmental.  The pressure of speaking in front of public takes you by surprise. You need to lead the audience, entertain it, and make it think – all in a limited time.

Speak Easy will match you with mentors who went through all of that, and mastered it.  And, they want you to succeed. I am privileged in joining Speak Easy as a Mentor. I am a believer that everyone has a story which I can learn from. Now, I want to help you to find your voice and tell your story to the world. All of us will benefit from hearing it.