I love talking in public, I always have. There is a warm reassuring feeling that invades me when I am on stage that makes me feel in perfect harmony with the strangers in front of me as if I had always known them.

By talking to other speakers throughout the years I know that it is not a very common phenomenon and generally people find the experience extremely stressful.

When I saw that Anne-Marie Charrett and Fiona Charles were promoting  Speak Easy, I thought I’d give it a try, but I honestly was a bit skeptical of the format. Little I knew I was going to love the experience.

As a mentor I got to meet Duncan Nisbet.

Do I think I helped him with his talk and workshop? Maybe a little – you’ve got to ask him.

Do I think I loved learning from Duncan? Absolutely YES! He hit me with brand new concepts that made me think and learn, what do you want more from life?

I am looking forward to help and learn more from Duncan and other people that have something interesting to say, long live Speak Easy!


The following testimonial comes from Duncan Nisbet:

“I am really trying to get better a public speaking. Speak Easy came along at just the right time. I requested a mentor & I was fortunate enough to be assigned Augusto

I have never met or worked with Augusto before, so it was great getting to know him & his ideas on software development.

Fortunately it seems we have very similar views & with Augusto’s affable nature we quickly built a fantastic rapport.

For me, having a rapport with my mentor was essential – I needed to be able to trust my mentor so that I could receive their feedback with an open mind. If I didn’t get on with my mentor, then their feedback would have felt like judgement.

Augusto is a great listener. I have presented several talks to him & with each one he actively listens & only interrupts when/if needed (I don’t mind this, it’s an agreement we have). His feedback is direct & enables strong discussion which typically leads to a better presentation.

If I don’t accept Augusto’s feedback completely, well that’s OK with him, but his suggestions trigger off different ideas for me which is also great!

Augusto’s relaxed & casual approach to mentoring has helped build my confidence in public speaking & hopefully improved the content as well!

Thanks Gus!”