Learning to speak in public has been the best move for me career-wise. Starting from fear of presenting to presenting regularly since about 2001, I’ve been accepted to do sessions in 6 conferences in 2015 (#ScanAgile, #TestBash, #stpconf, #btdconf, #xp2015, #agile2015). Speaking at conferences is a great way of getting to know people who are interested about similar topics, as after the talk people come talk to you. It’s been a great asset to me with regards to learning from others as well as sorting out my own thoughts and experiences.

I live in Finland (although I’m looking into opportunities to relocate to San Diego, CA, USA) and have been helping build a community. I meet great people, and I’m happy to note every time someone has taken the steps to public speaking from my encouragement. I’m with Speak Easy to extend my encouragement and support from local to global.

The software community has many great yet untold stories. While you might think your experience is nothing special, it is: it is your unique experience, your unique learnings that others can benefit from. Your story deserves to be heard, just like my story. I’d love to talk with you and help you realise and formulate your story.

Start with talks in a local user group, from short to longer. Share an experience report in one of the peer conferences. Try doing a talk as a webinar. Join the big international conferences and unconferences as speaker. Each of these is a unique learning experience worth going through.