It’s great to be part of the Speak Easy family and opportunity for mentoring upcoming presenters as well as a platform for the exchange of ideas and connecting with test professionals across the world.

I am a tester by profession as well as by heart and would like to try out things and see from different perspective. It’s interesting to see that so many discrepancies or defects keep floating around and many of them go un-noticed. It feels awesome when you notice such things and work toward getting this addressed.

I started my career in testing work in beginning of 1999 and it feels like it was just yesterday as there is so much to learn. It has always been a pleasure to be part of test conferences, either as attendee during my initial days or as presenter. In fact, I try to attend other sessions pre/post my scheduled slot as it gives me different perspectives as well as learning from others’ experiences. The testing industry has been evolving pretty rapidly and it’s vital to be on top of things so that you’re not behind the curve.

It’s always exciting to guide and work with people who are either planning to publish a blog/white-paper or presenting at a conference. It’s not about perfection the┬ávery first time but to work towards it and have conscious efforts to achieve it. While presentation is important, attendees always look for meaty stuff that they can take back and implement at their work place.