There is huge talent at one end and endless opportunities and platforms to showcase the talent at other. It will give me immense satisfaction if I can help one end meet the other one.

I am a relatively new speaker in testing conferences – considering there are so many there with many many years of experience and also considering I have been speaking in public otherwise for a long time. With my little experience, I can tell Speaking at conferences is important. It builds your reputation in your community (good / bad, it depends). I can also tell – one is either a natural at speaking and is a great orator (like lot of our successful political leaders) or one can be mentored and trained to speak in public. There should be no reason why one who can otherwise speak in small personal gatherings is unable to speak on a bigger platform (rare exceptions always exist).

The fact that you are reading this page says┬áthat you are interested in speaking, at least wanting to make a try. There are some awesome speakers , testing leaders and amazing individuals registered here as mentors. Please make the best of it, even if you are not sure where to start from – just pick the best one you like and get started.

What can I offer you that may be unique? Well, as a short, petite Asian woman speaking internationally, I can help you with following:

  • Culture debate – How to get rid of too much Asian modesty? At some point you need to be assertive of your abilities too.
  • Language challenge – Pronunciations make a difference. I am learning on this front. Will be happy to share and help someone looking for this kind of mentoring.
  • Making your presence felt – even with a smaller frame of body. Technically speaking, it could be quite a challenge to command a room full of brains and personalities, if you are physically smaller and / or weaker in appearance. BUT, don’t lose heart. I have got some raving remarks from different corners, recently for having a “presence” in a public forum. I think I am taking my inspiration from Napolean Bonaparte – I am barely 5 ft 2in tall (or short). I am sure – you can do better than me.
  • Presentation reviews – content / concept / design
  • Being a woman speaker. Lots of help available around. I can help you connect with the right resources that support your growth in the world of professional speaking in testing.

I am as interested in helping men and boys as I am in helping girls and women. Feel free to reach me. Happy to help