Feedback on a Conference Proposal

If you’re interested in talking at a testing conference and want some feedback on your proposal, our mentors are ready and waiting to help you. Signup to SpeakEasy indicating you want help on a conference proposal.

Give a Talk

Think you *might* have something to say? Have no idea what to say, but like the idea of sharing? Know exactly what you want to say, but don’t know how? We have the program for you! Sign up now! 

Finding your voice

A lot of speakers balk at conference speaking because they feel they have nothing ‘new’ of ‘valuable’ to say. I know this is the case, because I once felt that too.

This program is designed to help you discover content for speaking at conferences. We will place you with a mentor (hopefully in your timezone!) to help you figure out content that is meaningful to you.

Creating content

If you know what you want to talk about but don’t know how to put your talk together, then this program is for you! A mentor will work with you to put together:

1) An abstract for a talk

2) Your bio and a photo

3) Content either in slide format or other format

Practice speaking

For those who have a topic and content but want experience in speaking.

You can practice speaking using the following programs

1) Local Meetups

2) Online Web Summit

Sign up now!