Agile Testing Days USA SpeakEasy Track

June 23-28 2019 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Agile Testing Days USA is teaming up with SpeakEasy for a full track in their 2019 conference. This means SpeakEasy facilitates great content for:
  • 1 keynote
  • 6 30-minute talks
  • 2 150-minute workshops
The CFP is open until November 18th, 2018 and that is when we close this process too!

SpeakEasy is a non-profit effort that aims at increasing diversity at software testing conferences. We do this by helping create a rich pool of awesome speakers. While we have traditionally focused on people getting started with public speaking.

We also have an opportunity to support an experienced track speaker in their growth to keynote opportunities (through delivering keynotes with support).

For Agile Testing Days USA, SpeakEasy track calls for two groups of people.

Call for Keynotes

Agile Testing Days USA has reserved one keynote slot for a new voice, a new lesson that everyone should hear. Given many keynotes are invite only, this is your chance to pitch a keynote idea! If nothing else, you will get feedback. You will get mentoring for this keynote - that’s what SpeakEasy does.

For keynote submissions, we expect an abstract and bio. The selection will be made by a working party where we invite people already established in keynotes.

To get into the selection process, submit your thing here:

Call for Track Speakers

Agile Testing Days USA SpeakEasy track speakers should be SpeakEasy Mentored and people getting started with public speaking in big international conferences. We usually ask people to first get paired with mentor and then submit, but we will do things a little differently for this one.

Round 1: Collaborate

Whether you are an existing mentee that has not yet spoken at a big international event, or a new aspiring speaker not yet matched with a SpeakEasy mentor, all we need is your name & working title of the talk.

You get to meet a SpeakEasy representative over skype to talk of your idea and to create a quick written pitch of the talk. This bit is for us to understand where you’re coming from with your experiences. Everyone has a story worth a stage. With your story clearly understood, we can begin the selection process for Agile Testing Days USA.

Get into the process by scheduling a call here:

Round 2: Pair up with a mentor and submit - here AND elsewhere!

With the selection process under way, you will not have time to build your talk description and other preparation with our mentors. Everyone from collaborate round gets paired with a mentor. Pairing is often a longer process, which is why it is round 2. We’ll get through all pairings, but we will give priority to work through the ones that seem right for Agile Testing Days USA to get your pitches turned into descriptions and then talks you will deliver at the conference.

There will be folks who will not fit into our track as space is limited, but there’s other places. New voices are sought after in many conferences and meetups and we are happy to support you in the journey to find the place that would be right for your story.