Speaker Signup

Want to improve as a speaker? Or become a speaker in the first place? You don't need to do this alone, that is why SpeakEasy exists. We pair speakers with mentors at no cost to the speaker.

There's lot of pieces in the puzzle of becoming a speaker and our mentors can help with all of them. The more information you provide on what you need, the easier we can match you with the right mentor. You can expect to see many mentors throughout your growth as a speaker.

While we are excited to support a wide range of new speakers as you can read more about on our info page. Given the general need of new voices, if we have limited mentor availability, we prioritize:

women and non-binary
1st time international-big-conference speakers
talks on quality and testing topics for any conferences

SpeakEasy is a volunteer organization, and becoming a speaker is a long process. Get matched with us early on to submit with our partner conferences. Finding you a mentor that can help you in a week may be too much of a stretch.

We look forward to working with you!

Please note: The information provided here will be shared within our network of mentors to help make sure you find the right fit but will never be sold or shared for any other purpose.